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Manage WordPress Website

manage wordpress websiteOur training walks  you through the basics of what is needed to get your business online. The most important thing is to know,  is the purpose of a website; what you want your website to do. To help develop your skills so you can manage your site, you will have Video Tutorials,  and a range of resources and tutor support, so you can learn how to manage the website we create for you!

From  registering  a domain ( for your business,  covering what website hosting you will need, and site design considerations. What skills are needed to manage a site, created for you with the  hugely popular web publishing software WordPress.

Why Use WordPress To Create My Website?

World famous brands use WordPress some of these include, DisneyThe Wall Street Journal, TED, LinkedIn, NF, Reuters, eBay, FacebookVariety, Vogue, PlayStation to name but a few!

WordPress Sites Are Perfect For Small Businesses

WordPress the  open source  go-to web publishing solution powers over 75 million websites. Its  is free to install, deploy, and upgrade, has ease of use and availability of thousands of professional quality themes and, plugins. Plugins can extend a WordPress website to do almost anything you can imagine, there’s over 52,000 plugins to freely download from the WordPress official site, and many commercial plugins. We can cost effectively create a website for our customers, with features which in the past, which  would have been to costly for the sole trader, small business for them to have.

Introduction To Getting Your Business Online

Our Video Tutorials will introduce you to WordPress and its world famous content management system (CMS), it is the ultimate publishing platform for the web.  Without any need for coding; you can add pages, update pages, add images and publish to to the web! We  help simplify and demystify getting your business online. You will have access to, Introduction to WordPress Videos and a Manual,  virtual support  from Computer Tutors team, as well as a range of resources available through our  Membership Area.

Our course and Video tutorials will give you the opportunity to, familiarise yourself with what is involved in getting your business online; develop  your skills for you to manage,  adding new pages, update pages, add images, to your website.

Create A Website For A Self-Employed Builder manage wordpress website

The company John works for has informed him about making redundancies in the next few months, so he’s  looking to work for himself  becoming a  self-employed builder.   John wants  a website created  so he can be found online and on Google, Bing and other search engines, and directories by potential customers who are looking for building services.

John wants to develop his skills to  be able to manage a brochure type website, to update his pages, post new ones, and he wants  a gallery of the projects he has worked on to be “showcased”.

John wants to be able to market his site himself. He wants to  gain the knowledge and skills to promote his building services  through social media, and trade lead sites, and through search engines and directories. The Video Tutorials  and, training  course resources will be bespoke to help John realise his online goals.

Create A Website To Dropship

manage wordpress websiteAnnie is self-employed and works part-time as a  fitness coach,  and she’s looking to increase her  income by setting-up an online business, and becoming  “a drop shipper”.  Annie wants a website created for her

As drop shipping  would require  Annie  having a site with a “shopping cart and taking online payments”. The course for Annie would include resources and Video Tutorials to help Annie develop  the skills she needs to manage her  web site, and develop her skills to manage an online store.

WooCommerce is the WordPress plugin which can be installed, at anytime,  so Annie’s  site  becomes  a fully-fledged online store!  The Video Tutorials  and, resources will be bespoke to help Annie achieve her  online goals.

Create A Website For A Mobile Hairdresser

Debbie is looking to startup as a mobile hairdresser and she wants a website created for her   She may  in the future, look to sell  a range of hair and beauty products through her  site. The course would include; resources and Video Tutorials for Debbie to develop the  skills she needs  to manage the  site we create for  her, and tutorials on managing an online shop.

WooCommerce is the WordPress plugin which can be installed, as and when Debbie is  ready to sell products online, her site will become a fully-fledged online store!  Her site will have a design theme which will support WooCommerce.

Learn To Manage WordPress Site

virtual training in wordpress Please get in touch for further details.

March 15, 2018