Submit Sitemap To Search Engines

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Submit Your Sitemap To Search Engines

Search engines such as Bing allows you to submit a sitemap, or URL from your website and this is an important first step to being indexed. Both Google and Bing have webmaster tools where you can sign up and,  submit your websites sitemap; and also have access to other information concerning your site -:

  • Messages or warnings about your website (e.g. malware);
  • To find out how many pages are indexed by search engines;
  • To find out how many links are pointing to your site  (whose linking to your site);
  • To troubleshoot crawler access issues;
  • To see detail information on what keywords your site is associated with and.  your position in the search results;

Submit your Sitemap To Google

A sitemap is a file that contains a list of all your site’s pages. It provides search engines such as Google with information about your site’s pages. Having an XML sitemap can be beneficial for SEO, as Google can retrieve essential pages of a website very fast.  The WordPress SEO plugin Yoast SEO will create one for you.  Go To Google Support  for more information and to signup  to Google Search Console

Submit URLs to Bing

Submission through the Submit your Site to Bing web form: this method is designed to allow web publishers to quickly alert Bing that their new site exists. Bing will crawl the URL you submitted and — provided it meets certain criteria — will index the page.

The Submit URLs feature in the Configure My Site section in Bing Webmaster Tools:
this feature is much faster and allows you to submit 10 URLs per day and a maximum of 50 URLs per month for immediate crawl and indexation.