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Video WordPress CMS

Covered in this video:

Video introducing you to the dashboard and WordPress content management system(CMS)- to easily manage your own WordPress site pages and posts.

• Familiarizing yourself with the WordPress Dashboard.
• How to customize the WordPress interface just for you.
• Hide Dashboard modules you rarely use.
• The collapsible navigation menu and functions.
• The default modules that are available to users.
• How to use the QuickPress module to quickly create a new Post.

Needs No Knowledge Of Web Development

WordPress being open source free software offers both small and large companies the opportunities to compete online without it costing vast amounts. The features offered by WordPress are far ranging and can accommodate most businesses for their online needs. What is particularly beneficial is that updating a WordPress site page, or adding a new one, or adding products to store needs no knowledge of web development. If you can send an email, add images to the email then you should easily be able to manage updates to site pages.