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wordpress plugins

WordPress Plugins

Plugins can extend WordPress website to do almost anything you can imagine, there’s over 52,000 plugins to freely download from the WordPress official site, and many commercial plugins. Slider Revolution is a commercial plugin and just one example, of the possible features you can have on your website.

WordPress Plugins Are Optional

WordPress Plugins are optional, based upon the needs of the user, and they are not incorporated into the core of WordPress. Not all WordPress site users will require plugins, some may need only a few plugins. If have blog you will perhaps require plugins to deal with comments, or to customise post listings. But should you require an online store then you would install a plugin such as WP eCommerce alternatively the WooCommerce with other plugins, depending on what your requirements are.

Free and Commercial WordPress Plugins

Plugins are free to downloaded from the WordPress site and you can also buy commercial plugins. Our pages have links with information and downloads links to just a few plugins which we have used. With millions of WordPress users there are now thousands of plugins offering a range of extra functions and features to a WordPress site.

Taking Care Installing Plugins

  • Plugins can sometimes conflict with your WordPress theme, therefore backup and add a plugin one at a time, this way you can make sure everything works the same as it did before.
  • Plugins on times can conflict, interfere with each other, if you find after you have installed a new plugin issues, uninstall it.
  • Some plugins can be poorly coded, and bloated, and they may even cause site security risks.   Avoid these plugins by always selecting the highly rated popular plugins from the WordPress community. Some Plugins can slow your site down, but often the trade off for this can be  worth it.