WordPress Video Tutorials 25-33

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WordPress Video Tutorials 25-33

WordPress Video Tutorials – Advanced Levels

WordPress Video Tutorials to help you manage your WordPress website. From video introduction to the popular Web Publishing platform WordPress, to more advance tutorials displayed below. Installing a plugin, creating a Child Theme; Making Your Website Hack-Proof; FTP Setup How To Use It?

Video Tutorials Chapters:-25-33

Video Tutorials includes; User Management; Understanding Permalinks; WordPress Editor; Custom Fields; Editing Theme & Plugin Files.

Video Tutorials Chapters:- 1-33

WordPress Video Tutorials : – Chapter 1-12

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WordPress Video  Tutorials : – Chapter 25-33

WordPress Plugins Are Optional

WordPress Plugins can extend a WordPress website to do almost anything you can imagine. Wordpress plugins are optional, and based upon what you need your website to do. Plugins are not incorporated into the core of WordPress. Not all WordPress site users will require plugins, some may need only a few plugins. If you have a blog you will perhaps require plugins to deal with comments, or to customise post listings. But should you require an online store then you would install a plugin such as WP eCommerce alternatively the WooCommerce with other plugins, depending on what your requirements are.

April 9, 2018